28 years on Death Row: Son H. Fleming died

Son H. Fleming

Son H. Fleming

After 28 years on Georgias Death Row Son H. Fleming died of natural causes.

DeMarcus sent me a newspaper article, published at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 20, 2005.

Oldest death row prisoner in state dies

Man, 72, received sentence in 1977
The oldest inmate on Georgia’s death row died Tuesday of natural causes, prison officials said.

Son H. Fleming, 72, was sentenced to death in 1977 for the murder of a South Georgia police chief.
The oldest inmate now held under a death sentence is Brandon Astor Jones, 62, who was convicted for the shooting death of a Cobb County gas station manager in 1979. There are 112 men and one woman on death row.

Well, this is possibly record-breaking. Being on Death Row for 28 years.

Stay Of Execution

Curiosity, concern, disappointment and detached indifference simultaneously compose the general social atmosphere of Georgia’s Death Row – on the heels of Warren Hill receiving a 30-day Stay of Execution (to access the constitutionality of Georgia´s new “one-shot” method cocktail of performing lethal injection styled human executions).

Sentiments of fellow death row prisoners and working staff toward individual “death rowians” are assigned based upon, both

1. One-on-one / first-hand social history with the individual and
2. “the Reputation” of the individual (amongst fellow murderers, rapists, extortionists, pederasts, thugs, racists, pedophiles, separatists, gang-bangers, bull queers, femme homosexuals, psychopaths, male chauvinists, drug addicted bullys, degenerates, mean-mouthed illiterate lumpens, hateful men children and positive-minded and genuinely sincere and repentant mentally and emotionally mature condemned men whom currently exists, here, as either 1) a litigiuos “Jailhouse Lawyer”, 2) a religious practitioner 3) a live-in-daily motivational private counselor and / or 4) a “hybrid” of the above forementioned “positive-minded” three general categories) …

I ??? – am a representative of the “Hybrid Class” of Georgia´s Death Row population … Each (of the four) Death Row dormitory houses 31 condemned males.

Of the four, I´ve lived in three “Death Houses” since my late-September 1993 arrival to Georgia´s Death Row:

So, I´ve lived amongst an know the actual, unedited personality(ies) of most composing the current day (as well, the former “head-counts” of) Death Row… .

From the execution of Christopher A. Burger, via electric chair, on December 7, 1993 – on through and to the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, via lethal injection, circa September 21 2011 I´ve been here, witnessed, experienced, matured, and lived – through it all …. Both, “The Good” and “The Bad”… .

And with such a diverse array of sardined personalities being (essentially and circumstantially) forced to cohabitate within a grossly small (and unavoidably intrusive) living area.

Arguments and (often murderous) plots and efforts to physically attack and / or kill one another – because of personality. Differences are as “normal” (round these parts, anyway) – as the sun rising in the East. And setting in the West … .

So, it pays – to pay very close attention to,
1) Reality;
2) Rumor; and
3) “The Mood” and or “social Atmosphere” of one´s immediate physical environment… .

Elsewise, you´ll become the victim of someone else´s insecurity(ies)manifested in the form of, either,

  1. A challenge to go off into a cell – to engage in a one-in-one hand-to-hand fist-fight
  2. An ambush style attempt to stab you to death (whenever / wherever opportunity catches you “slipping” / unprepared) via a shank (i.e., a make shift knife) being tightly held and wield by some man-child that!!! Is too much of a coward to fight you straight up (a.k.a. hand-to-hand / fist-to-fist): Because – he´s too mentally and emotionally immature – to maturely accept defeat (and/or, not getting his way) … and lastly,
  3. Gang bangers (at minimum) will jump on you, striving to choke, punch, kick and stomp you out (i.e. knock you out, and/or kick and stomp your head until you, either, fall unconscious or fall dead) here gang bangers mimic an (metaphorically)resemble a large pack of young, healthy adult wolves. And function much the same, too… .

So if you get confronted by “the Pack” and intend to fight them, physically? You´ll need to metaphysically possess the heart, mind, spirit and courage of one of these three north American natural phenomenon:

  • a grizzly bear
  • a wolverine and
  • a “game bred” fighting stock American Pit-bull Terrier… for real go hard or don’t go there AT ALL … cause ain´t no play ….

My name is DeMarcus Ali Sears: EF# 318703 / UNO# 762415, welcome to Death Row