Stay Of Execution

Curiosity, concern, disappointment and detached indifference simultaneously compose the general social atmosphere of Georgia’s Death Row – on the heels of Warren Hill receiving a 30-day Stay of Execution (to access the constitutionality of Georgia´s new “one-shot” method cocktail of performing lethal injection styled human executions).

Sentiments of fellow death row prisoners and working staff toward individual “death rowians” are assigned based upon, both

1. One-on-one / first-hand social history with the individual and
2. “the Reputation” of the individual (amongst fellow murderers, rapists, extortionists, pederasts, thugs, racists, pedophiles, separatists, gang-bangers, bull queers, femme homosexuals, psychopaths, male chauvinists, drug addicted bullys, degenerates, mean-mouthed illiterate lumpens, hateful men children and positive-minded and genuinely sincere and repentant mentally and emotionally mature condemned men whom currently exists, here, as either 1) a litigiuos “Jailhouse Lawyer”, 2) a religious practitioner 3) a live-in-daily motivational private counselor and / or 4) a “hybrid” of the above forementioned “positive-minded” three general categories) …

I ??? – am a representative of the “Hybrid Class” of Georgia´s Death Row population … Each (of the four) Death Row dormitory houses 31 condemned males.

Of the four, I´ve lived in three “Death Houses” since my late-September 1993 arrival to Georgia´s Death Row:

So, I´ve lived amongst an know the actual, unedited personality(ies) of most composing the current day (as well, the former “head-counts” of) Death Row… .

From the execution of Christopher A. Burger, via electric chair, on December 7, 1993 – on through and to the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, via lethal injection, circa September 21 2011 I´ve been here, witnessed, experienced, matured, and lived – through it all …. Both, “The Good” and “The Bad”… .

And with such a diverse array of sardined personalities being (essentially and circumstantially) forced to cohabitate within a grossly small (and unavoidably intrusive) living area.

Arguments and (often murderous) plots and efforts to physically attack and / or kill one another – because of personality. Differences are as “normal” (round these parts, anyway) – as the sun rising in the East. And setting in the West … .

So, it pays – to pay very close attention to,
1) Reality;
2) Rumor; and
3) “The Mood” and or “social Atmosphere” of one´s immediate physical environment… .

Elsewise, you´ll become the victim of someone else´s insecurity(ies)manifested in the form of, either,

  1. A challenge to go off into a cell – to engage in a one-in-one hand-to-hand fist-fight
  2. An ambush style attempt to stab you to death (whenever / wherever opportunity catches you “slipping” / unprepared) via a shank (i.e., a make shift knife) being tightly held and wield by some man-child that!!! Is too much of a coward to fight you straight up (a.k.a. hand-to-hand / fist-to-fist): Because – he´s too mentally and emotionally immature – to maturely accept defeat (and/or, not getting his way) … and lastly,
  3. Gang bangers (at minimum) will jump on you, striving to choke, punch, kick and stomp you out (i.e. knock you out, and/or kick and stomp your head until you, either, fall unconscious or fall dead) here gang bangers mimic an (metaphorically)resemble a large pack of young, healthy adult wolves. And function much the same, too… .

So if you get confronted by “the Pack” and intend to fight them, physically? You´ll need to metaphysically possess the heart, mind, spirit and courage of one of these three north American natural phenomenon:

  • a grizzly bear
  • a wolverine and
  • a “game bred” fighting stock American Pit-bull Terrier… for real go hard or don’t go there AT ALL … cause ain´t no play ….

My name is DeMarcus Ali Sears: EF# 318703 / UNO# 762415, welcome to Death Row