28 years on Death Row: Son H. Fleming died

Son H. Fleming

Son H. Fleming

After 28 years on Georgias Death Row Son H. Fleming died of natural causes.

DeMarcus sent me a newspaper article, published at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 20, 2005.

Oldest death row prisoner in state dies

Man, 72, received sentence in 1977
The oldest inmate on Georgia’s death row died Tuesday of natural causes, prison officials said.

Son H. Fleming, 72, was sentenced to death in 1977 for the murder of a South Georgia police chief.
The oldest inmate now held under a death sentence is Brandon Astor Jones, 62, who was convicted for the shooting death of a Cobb County gas station manager in 1979. There are 112 men and one woman on death row.

Well, this is possibly record-breaking. Being on Death Row for 28 years.

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